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I debated posting this since it’s more of a journal page than anything, but I feel proud of myself for trying new storytelling techniques this week since I usually just keep to the same few things

The game team I worked with this semester made it onto the student showcase, which is pretty rad for being freshmen

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i’m sorry

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I never have to paint this painting ever again, praise the lord

*chokes* it’s been such a long time, what am I doing

i went to a new club at school where you just have like four hours to do personal art. I stayed for two hours before burning out, but this is about as far as I got

i drew some boy and he said it was weird but went with it anyway, so ?? it’s okay

aight, here’s some in-class paintings

I wasn’t actually in my class for the second one; i just sat in to get more practice, but I ended up taking an hour lunch break, so i only spent an hour and a half on it in the end, pheww

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i asked some guy what to draw and he said “froge cowbais”

I’ve been incredibly sick all month, so painting these was really rough! my hands were shakey and i felt really insecure about how they came out. They were supposed to be more matte, but my goal was to get them done and turn them in

I got a B on both though? I can’t even believe it but that’s cool.

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